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What if what you’re EATING and what you’re THINKING are STOPPING you from becoming an AMAZING ATHLETE?
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Fuel for Champions,
Mindset for Success

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What do I need to eat and drink when I'm competing?

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About me

Hi, I’m María Inés

I’ve created the first advanced program that uses the power of nutrition and the power of the mind to help athletes perform at the top of their game.

My 12 years as a gymnast ended in the Olympic games when I was 17. I got to live the pride, excitement, exhaustion, and pressure of being an elite athlete. I was passionate, and really loved my sport! And even though I did my personal best at the Olympics, I quit literally the day after because I was mentally and physically burnt out.

The Powerful Athlete is a coaching program where you adopt new beliefs and develop nutrition and mindset habits that enable you to reach your true potential.

Ready To reach your true potential?

Before The Powerful Athlete
After The Powerful Athlete

Pushing yourself to the limit and eating healthily may seem difficult, even daunting. The good news is that it does NOT have to be 
complicated nor do you need to get everything perfect.

You just need four basic things.

How you will achieve it

the Power of Nutrition

You can get faster, stronger, concentrate better, and perform at your best by harnessing the power of nutrition.

Develop an Invincible

Knowledge without action is useless. When you replace fear-based beliefs that are holding you back with true, empowering beliefs, you soar.

Eat and train
your body’s FOR unique needs

Use your genetics and your insight about your body to build a personalized nutrition plan to perform at your best and recover quickly.

Learn and apply one simple habit at a time

The most effective way to break the I-start-but-don’t-carry-through cycle and enjoy the health and energy of good nutrition is to avoid extremes and learn one simple habit at a time.

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Gymnast Tokyo 2020

With María Inés I learned that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring and how to eat healthy, delicious things. I also feel that with good nutrition I can train and compete better.



I have learned how to take care of my body and how to balance my meals and workouts. It really helped me plan my workouts and rest periods better and take care of my mental health by believing more in myself. As a result, I’m way more confident.



I learned to understand just how nutrition affects my performance and to find the right foods and eating times so I could feel strong and train at my best.



I was getting sick often and training poorly. I learned I was eating too many inflammatory foods and not fueling at key moments during the day. After changing my diet and other habits in rest and recovery, I started feeling stronger in practice and I could study way better. I even started to crave fresh, healthy food!



When I got to college, it was all really different. Maria helped me adapt to my new conditions and make the best choices with what’s available. I also learned that small changes get me further than trying to change everything at once.



Even though I knew hydration was important, now I finally learned how to stop “forgetting” to hydrate! And I know the best types of foods to eat at the best times, like when to have simple carbs, so I can keep up my energy even during long meets.

And I made my Winter Jr. Nationals cut in the 50 Y Free with 23.25!


Soccer, goal keeper

Changing my internal dialogue from negative to positive was a game-changer. I got so much stronger and confident, and was named the MVP! But my most important accomplishment in this journey is learning to view food in a more positive light. I’ve let go of judgement and I enjoy stress-free, healthy eating.



I used to think I needed to eat less and less in order to lose belly fat, but I hadn’t realized how little food I was getting compared to how much I needed! Within 5 weeks, my energy was great, I finally trimmed my stomach and built muscle, and best of all, I dropped 39 seconds in my 2-mile run!



Dolphin kicks were my weakest area so I kept working hard on everything else, hoping to make up for it.  But after our mindset exercises, I decided to rip 6 dolphin kicks in practice no matter what. In three weeks, I bumped up from 2 to 6 underwaters. Now I know that I can do things that I thought I wasn’t good at before.

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Use the power of your mind
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