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Hi, I’m María Inés

Hi, I’m María Inés.
I’ve created the first advanced program that uses the power of nutrition and the power of the mind to help athletes perform at the top of their game.

My 12 years as a gymnast ended in the Olympic games when I was 17. I got to live the pride, excitement, exhaustion, and pressure of being an elite athlete. I was passionate, and really loved my sport! And even though I did my personal best at the Olympics, I quit literally the day after because I was mentally and physically burnt out. 

Looking back, there are things I could have done differently. I could have had an occasional dessert as a normal part of my life, instead of something completely forbidden and then binging out on them when I ran out of willpower. And I could have worked on my mindset to see each competition as a milestone, instead of piling excessive pressure on myself by thinking this is the end, this one event can make me or break me.

After gymnastics, I gained 30 pounds. I could NOT stop eating. I felt out of control with my food, and I stopped believing in myself. After 5 years of ups and downs, I finally decided to do things differently. I did away with meal plans and instead focused on “one-simple-habit-at-a-time”, an approach that completely changed my life. So, I learned stress-free healthy and how to reboot my thoughts when I start to get inside my head. If I had applied these nutrition and mindset principles before, I would have performed better and I probably wouldn’t have burnt out so soon. 

But thanks to my journey, I’ve gotten to help hundreds of athletes reach their potential!

Because I see this happening to young athletes all the time: they’re talented, they work hard, they put countless hours into their sport, and their families invest a lot, too. But if their mindset isn’t strong or their mind is strong but their body isn’t, even if they “try really hard”, their results will fall short of their true potential. And that is really frustrating.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like that! 

I created The Powerful Athlete® to help athletes gain the physical strength they need to train and compete at a high level and to develop the mental skills they need to overcome the pressure of competitive sports. In this coaching program, I teach you how to give your body the fuel it needs to be stronger, faster, reduce fatigue, and recover quickly. I also help you train your mind to replace fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt with calm, power, and confidence. 

Working with me, you’ll develop the beliefs and habits to reach your true potential.

You can be the athlete that you want to be. I’m excited to help you get there!

I boost young athletes’ health, performance,
and confidence to help them succeed in sports and in life.